If You Laugh, You Lose Challenge #110 πŸ˜‚

Laugh You Lose Challenge – How Did You Do? Let Me Know In The Comments! Can You Make It Through The Entire Video …


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  1. Not funny I didn't laugh your joke is so bad I would have preferred the joke went over my head and you gave me retelling me the joke to be honest this is a horrid attempt at trying to get a laugh out of me not a choke or not a hehe not even a subtle burst of air out of my suck of this sciences before you laugh your brain preps your face muscles but I didn't even feel the slightest twitch zero out of 10 this joke is so bad I cannot believe anyone legally allowed you to be creative at all the amount of brain power you must have had to put in to that joke has the potential to power every house on Earth get a personality and learn how to make jokes read a book I'm not saying this to be funny I genuinely mean it on how this is just bought on barrel embarrassment at comedy you single handily killed humor every comedic act on the planet I'm so disappointed that society has failed as a whole and being able to teach you how to be funny honestly if I put in all my power and time to try and make your joke funny it would require as Time Einstein himself to build a device to strap me into so I can be connected to the energy of billions of stars to do with and even then all of that joke would get from people is simple stuff you're lucky I still have the slightest of empathy for you after telling that joke otherwise I would have committed every word crime in the book and just to prevent you from attempting any humor ever again we should put that joke in textbook so future generations can be wary of becoming such an absolute comedic failure I'm disappointed hurt and outright offended that my precious time has been wasted in my brain understanding that joke and the time that I took I was planning on helping kids who have been or been but because of that you've wasted my timeline explaining the absence integrity of your terrible attempt at comedy now those kids are suffering without meals and there's nobody to blame but yourself hope you're happy with that you have done and I truly hope you can move on and learn from this this poor attack.

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