When the Speediest Rugby Players Collide 🔥🔥

A compilation of the world’s fastest rugby players racing to the try line and chasing each other down. hope you enjoy #rugby …


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  1. As a defender it is a horrible predicament to chase someone 80m and the opponent isn't fast enough to pull away from you so you can give up the chase, but is fast enough that he escapes your pursuit to the try line, because you need to do an all-out full on sprint to no avail. Especially if its early in the game. The lactic acid builds up in your legs after a long, all out chase such as that and its painful to play the remainder of the game. You just hope that you're given a bit of a reprieve from the on field action so that you can recover somewhat before you're called on again. Because there's nothing worse than having game-breaking speed but zero gas if you're attacked before recovery.

  2. I know its all Rugby Union but lets be right it all doesn't count, because there's no video of probably the fastest Rugby player full stop to take to a field in either code. He was as fast with the ball in his hands as he was without and that's Martin Offiah, Wigan and Great Britain Wing legend. he m ade all the supposed quick Aussies amd Nzers look slow when we played for the Ashes.

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